Area Rug

Care & Maintenance

Enjoy your favorite area rugs for years to come by following our care & maintenance guide!

Caring For Your Area Rug

At Carpets Of Dalton, we’re here to help you both find and maintain the area rug of your dreams. By following our care & maintenance guide and establishing a routine, you can help to ensure that your new area rug always looks its best.

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Routine Care & Maintenance For Your Area Rug

Vacuuming should be completed on a regular basis in order to keep your area rug looking great. Generally, you’ll want to be vacuuming almost every day to ensure that debris is not evident on your flooring, but this is also dependent on the foot traffic within your home.

You may also opt for a manufacturer-approved cleaning solution on your area rug should the dry clean not be cutting it. Placing doormats and encouraging guests to take off their shoes before entering your home will also help to prolong the lifespan of your area rug as well. 

When it comes to accidents occurring on your area rugs, the key is to act fast. When/if someone has a spill or creates a mess, you’ll want to act quickly to guarantee that the substance does not work its way into the fibers of the rug.  

How to deal with a spill is largely dependent on the substance, but finding a clean cloth and blotting out the substance with cold water is a good place to start. From there, you can consult your manufacturer on approved cleaning products should the stain still remain.