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Tile Flooring & Natural Stone Styles

Shop the tile styles that you know and love with Carpets Of Dalton.

The Tile Floor Styles That You Need

Learn more about what style of tile might best fit you and your home. At Carpets Of Dalton, we proudly feature a wide range of tile stylings designed to meet your needs.

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Wood-look tile

Attractive & durable, wood-look tile provides homeowners with that beloved hardwood appearance at a fraction of the price. 

Subway tile

Stylish and easily customizable, subway tile flooring is an excellent look for kitchens & bathrooms. Consider subway tile for your next home project or renovation. 

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Natural stone tile

Natural stone tile provides homeowners with that gorgeous natural stone look at a much lower price than the actual thing. Clean and crisp, you'll love the look of natural stone tile in your home.  

Concrete tile looks

Durable and low maintenance, concrete tile offers beauty and longevity as a flooring option. 

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