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Shop the carpet styles that you know and love with Carpets Of Dalton.

The Carpet Styles That You Need

Learn more about what carpet styles might best fit you and your home. At Carpets Of Dalton, we proudly feature a wide range of carpet stylings designed to meet your needs.

Carpet swatches | Carpets Of Dalton
Shaw Carpet - Loop | Carpets Of Dalton

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Loop carpet provides homeowners with a clean, concise carpet look. Renowned for its longevity, loop carpeting is incredibly durable and is a great option for those with children or pets.

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Patterned carpeting is expertly designed to showcase personality and add a little flair to your home. At Carpets Of Dalton, we offer a variety of beautifully patterned carpets for your flooring needs. 

Shaw Carpet Pattern | Carpets Of Dalton
Shaw carpet pattern | Carpets Of Dalton

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A carpeting mainstay, textured carpeting adds depth to a room and offers unparalleled comfort. Both attractive and incredibly comfortable underfoot, textured carpet remains an incredibly popular flooring choice for homeowners. 

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A slight variation on textured carpet, twist carpet is both soft and attractive, providing homeowners with the best of both worlds when it comes to their carpet flooring. 

Shaw Carpet twist | Carpets Of Dalton