Carpet Flooring

Care & Maintenance

Follow our care & maintenance guide to ensure that your carpet flooring looks its best for years to come. 

Caring For Your Carpet

At Carpets Of Dalton, we’re here to help you both find and maintain the carpet flooring of your dreams. By following our care & maintenance guide and establishing a routine, you can help to ensure that your new carpet flooring always looks and feels its best.

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Routine Care & Maintenance For Your Carpet

The first step in maintaining your carpet flooring is to establish a weekly maintenance routine. What this looks like will vary for each person, but by figuring out what works best for you and sticking with it, you’ll get yourself into the habit of maintaining your carpet flooring. 

To help keep your carpet flooring clean, you’ll want to invest in a quality vacuum and put it to use every couple of days. Exactly how often you need to vacuum will depend largely on the foot traffic within your home, but generally, you’ll want to do so at least once a week. 

When it comes to accidents occurring on your carpet flooring, the key is to act fast. When/if someone has a spill or creates a mess, you’ll want to act quickly to guarantee that the substance does not work its way into the fibers of the carpet. 

How to deal with a spill is largely dependent on the substance, but finding a clean cloth and blotting out the substance with cold water is a good place to start. From there, you can consult your manufacturer on approved cleaning products should the stain still remain.

Upon having found yourself a vacuum, you’ll want to invest in some high-quality doormats and place them at every entrance to your home. Encourage your visitors to use the mats upon entering your home and try to ensure that shoes are never worn on your carpet flooring.