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Whether you're shopping carpet, hardwood, laminate, vinyl, tile, or area rugs, at Carpets Of Dalton our inspiration galleries will help you as begin ideating for your next big home project. We invite you to check out our galleries today!

Shaw Flooring Inspiration Kitchen | Carpets Of Dalton
Coastal Shaw Tile | Carpets Of Dalton


Interested in living that "fun in the sun" vacation lifestyle all year round? Consider opting for a coastal design inside your home. From throw pillows to coral colors and designs, the team at Carpets Of Dalton is here to help inject a beach vibe into your life. 


For many of us, our traditions are an essential part of what defines us. As such, opting for a more traditional/classic design can enable homeowners to feel a sense of comfort and familiarity with their surroundings. 

Traditional Shaw Flooring | Carpets Of Dalton
Rustic Farmhouse Shaw Flooring | Carpets Of Dalton

Rustic / Farmhouse

Very much in vogue, rustic/farmhouse stylings aim to seamlessly blend the styles of old with the styles of new. Providing ample character and more than enough convenience, this design trend isn't going away anytime soon. 


A modern design aesthetic prioritizes minimalism, clean lines, and bright natural materials. Though perhaps not as warm as traditional designs, a modern look offers a sleek and simple way of living. 

Modern Shaw Flooring | Carpets Of Dalton
Bohemian Shaw Flooring | Carpets Of Dalton


A Bohemian palate offers a blend of modern design, a blend of a traditional design, and a blend of the eclectic for a style that is always unique and seldom forgotten. Rugs, plants, and an array of colors and designs serve as the foundation to a Bohemian-styled home.